Wolf Lake Timber Home Accents

Whether it be a new front entry, or a set of gable trusses, timber accents enhance the curb appeal and value of your home. Creating these accents can be a fun process when you work with the right company. We have experience creating a wide variety of custom timber accents including front entries, muskoka rooms, and gable trusses.

Our custom products help your home stand out and come with a professional guarantee. We create hand-crafted products you will not find anywhere else. If you are interested in enhancing your home, call and get a free quote today!

Gable Trusses

What are Gable Trusses?

Gable trusses are architectural features that can be installed on an existing home or a new build. They are non-structural and are designed to enhance the exterior of your home. With the appealing aesthetic of the timber, gable trusses provide a rustic beauty for any home.

There are quite a few truss design options, ranging from simple to intricate, and we can help you start designing the right fit for your home.

Timber Accents

What are Timber Accents?

Timber accents are additions to the exterior of a home that one can either incorporate in initial construction or retrofit during a home makeover. Timber frame accents bring character to a house and often complete the aesthetic.

They include, but are not limited to, timber posts and beams. Often, these accents are both structural and decorative, ensuring you get functionality as well as quality.

Front Entries

What are Custom Front Entries and Walk Outs?

Custom timber entryways do not have to be for log cabins alone. These timber structures make a statement and draw the eye to where your guests need to go first – the entry!

Expert craftsmanship and high-quality wood home accents create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Plus, these walkouts and timber front entrances provide overhead protection from rain or snow.

Muskoka Room

What are Muskoka Rooms?

The timeless Muskoka room is a new take on screened-in porches. Instead of screens that you would eventually need to shutter in winter months, Muskoka rooms use glass panes and timber framing to create a year-round space.

It is easy to retrofit an existing porch or sunroom or build it as an addition to the home. We accomplish Muskoka room installations with post-and-beam construction, using high-quality timber framing for a fantastic indoor “outdoor” space.

Canadian Company

What Makes Wolf Lake Custom Timber Structures Different?

When adding to your home, you need the assurance that the investment will withstand the elements and serve its purpose for many years. Longevity and quality are part of our customer promise. Every item we create is custom, and our hand-crafted timber frame accents utilise only the finest stains, oils, and wood.

The difference you can expect from us is also in how we run our business as well. We source our timber from Canadian companies so that our business stays local and reduces our carbon footprint. We operate as a net-zero company to ensure minimal environmental impact results from our work.

Benefits of Custom Timber Accents for Your Home

Adding decorative timber accents to your home has many benefits besides the aesthetic appeal. Some of those include:

  • Versatility – With timber frame trusses or a custom front entry, you can transform your home with some simple details and accents. Since our products are custom, the accents will reflect your style and home.

  • Sturdy & Functional – The aesthetic appeal comes with unmatched functionality. These timber accents will protect from the elements, provide a gathering space in the home, and deliver a functional design. Our use of premium wood and timber construction ensures it will be around for years to come.

  • Warm & Inviting – Decorative timber and wood designs have a naturally warm feeling that will make your home appear even more welcoming and open.

  • Unique & Appealing – There is no need for a cookie-cutter house when wood trusses and other elements can help your home stand out from the crowd. You can reflect your personal style and give your home a makeover in just a short time with our fully bespoke products.

  • Affordable – When we help you start designing, we operate within your budget while creating accents that elevate the curb appeal and value of your home.

Design & Build Process

Free Estimate

Let’s discuss your vision. Whether it be a photograph, sketch or architectural plan, we can make it a reality while keeping it within your budget.

3-D Model Drawings and Engineering

We create a concept based on your vision and use 3-D model drawings to ensure everything matches your expectations. We then provide stamped, engineered shop drawings for your structure.


The build begins in our shop where our skilled tradesmen hand cut, sand, and stain each piece of your structure to our highest standards.


If you choose to have us install, our experienced crew will assemble your timber structure. Watch as your vision becomes a reality in as little as one day


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Ebony Swatch
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Mahogany Swatch
Natural Swatch
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Pine Swatch
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Rosewood Swatch
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Silver Poplar Swatch
Teak Swatch
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