Timber Home Accents for Builders & Designers

The addition of timber to the exterior of a home not only adds value through curb appeal, but it also creates a custom, yet natural feel.

We aim to work with builders and designers by offering standard models of timber entrances, with gable truss designs that match, and structural porch posts and beams that are intended to enhance conventionally framed porches. These standard models were created to make the design process easier, as they can be adapted to existing building plans with various spans or pitches.

With our quality craftsmanship, attention to detail, and commitment to sourcing Canadian timbers, you can rest assured that you are getting the best possible product working with us.

Timber Entrances

Timber Entrances can add depth to the entrance of your home, while providing an inviting atmosphere and protection from the elements. Our four standard entrance models have two posts, with two return beams tying into the house. Atop the posts sits a timber truss that provides the support for a conventionally framed roof.

Front Entryways
Alpine - Gable Entrance


The Alpine is our most popular entry that we build. It features a flat bottom chord and queen braces that support the rafters in filling out the gable peak.

Boreal - Gable Entrance


The Boreal is a more bespoke take on our most common model. It features an arched bottom chord that adds a touch of elegance to the timber entry.

Horizon - Gable Entrance


When looking for minimalism and style in an entry, the Horizon is a model that has grown in popularity. This model has a sleek, modern appearance that lets more of the ceiling shine through.

Meridian - Gable Entrance


The Meridian model also takes a minimalist approach in its design. With a simple - yet graceful - appearance it allows the arch of the bottom chord to take the spotlight.

Gable Trusses

Our decorative timber Gable Trusses add flair and value to any home. With four standard models to fit a traditional or modern design, these trusses stand out on their own or pair perfectly with one of our Timber Entrances.

Alpine - Gable Trusses


Boreal - Gable Trusses


Horizon - Gable Trusses


Meridian - Gable Trusses


Posts & Beams

Porch Posts & Beams

We design our Porch Posts & Beams as a way to improve or replace conventionally framed porches. Having timber posts and beams with knee braces can add plenty of depth into the exterior of any build.



Our Timber Brackets can be both decorative or structurally supportive. They have many uses, but are typically utilised for supporting small roofs, gable trusses or soffit framing.

What Makes Wolf Lake Custom Timber Structures Different?

When adding timber accents to your projects, you need the assurance that the investment will withstand the elements and serve its purpose for many years. Longevity and quality are part of our customer promise. Every item we create is hand-crafted and our timber frame accents utilize only the finest stains, oils, and wood.

The difference you can expect from us is also in how we run our business as well. We source our timber from Canadian companies so that our business stays local and reduces our carbon footprint. We operate as a net-zero company to ensure minimal environmental impact results from our work.

Our Process

We start with presenting a design for any of our walkouts, porches or accents. Once the design is finalized, we cut, sand and pack up the timbers in order to be ready for delivery.

These timbers arrive tightly banded and fully tarped. With the timbers, we also provide a detailed and labelled kit.This kit features everything that is needed for the installation: all step-by-step labelled hardware, and a detailed set of instructions that outlines the process.

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