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Capitalizing on the beauty of Douglas fir timbers, and their timeless design elements, our decorative gable trusses infuse natural elegance into any home’s facade. Our pre-designed trusses can be utilized in a myriad of projects spanning from traditional builds to more modern backdrops. These timber trusses stand out on their own as a beautiful design element or make a statement when paired with one of our timber entrances. With the option to be customized to fit any architectural plans or designs, these gable trusses can be the key to creating the custom look for your home.



Alpine Gable Truss drawing


The Alpine

The Alpine embraces timeless design elements and blends it seamlessly with natural beauty. The king post truss design is the iconic image when timber framing comes to mind. Channeling its simplicity, it is versatile in fitting into any traditional facade. Featuring a flat bottom chord, and queen braces that fill the gable peak, our Alpine design increases the curb appeal to any home, while adding a custom, yet natural feel.


Boreal Gable Truss drawing


The Boreal

The Boreal marries stylistic flair with bespoke design. By adding an arch to the bottom chord, our Boreal puts an elegant twist on a traditional design. This arched bottom chord becomes the focal point of the truss, forming a familiar, yet fresh take on our most popular Alpine model. This design allows itself to be incorporated in a traditional façade, adding a sense of sophistication and style.

Horizon Gable Truss drawing


The Horizon

Embrace simplicity with our Horizon gable truss design. The Horizon uses negative space to its advantage in standing out, and providing rustic contrast in a sleek, minimalist backdrop. With the removal of the braces from our more traditional truss designs, the Horizon allows its’ bottom chord and king post to stand freely in a gable peak. This gable truss is the perfect accent to a modern project that wants to encapsulate the rustic beauty of timber. 


Meridian Gable Truss drawing


The Meridian

The Meridian presents a design intended to stand out among hard, straight-edged architectural lines. It does so by showcasing a beautiful, arched bottom chord. It is the long focal point of the truss, as it is supported in the gable peak by the straight rafters and firm lines of the king post. This decorative design works seamlessly as a supporting member when paired with a Meridian entrance. 

Decorative Gable Truss Design Features

Our standard gable truss models have been created to be easily incorporated into new builds, or to be installed on your existing home.


Each Wolf Lake timber truss features the following:


  • #1 grade, rough sawn, free of heart centre, Douglas fir timbers

  • Pre-assembly

  • All timbers sanded and pre-stained

  • No visible hardware connecting timbers together

  • A set of installation instructions and details



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We create a concept based on your vision and use 3-D model drawings to ensure everything matches your expectations. We then provide stamped, engineered shop drawings for your structure.

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The build begins in our shop where our skilled tradesmen hand cut, sand, and stain each piece of your structure to our highest standards.

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If you choose to have us install, our experienced crew will assemble your timber structure. Watch as your vision becomes a reality in as little as one day.


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