Timeless Charm, Lasting Impressions


Create a welcoming and dignified extension to your home with a timber frame entrance. Our meticulously crafted timber frame entrances not only elevate the aesthetic of your home, but also create a warm and inviting atmosphere. From classic to contemporary designs, our pre-designed timber frame entryways add a touch of elegance to any architectural style. We can help to incorporate a timber entrance into your current or future home. Don't settle for ordinary, upgrade to a timber frame entrance and make a statement that lasts a lifetime.



Alpine Entrance drawing


The Alpine

The Alpine entry blends timeless tradition with the versatility to adapt to its backdrop. Providing warmth to a home, this timber entrance consists of the iconic king post truss, supported by posts underneath, with return beams back to the house. This creates a welcoming ‘ski chalet’ appearance, as it fills out the gable peak above the doorway, and accentuates the facade of your home. 


Boreal Entrance drawing


The Boreal

The Boreal encapsulates elegant architecture as it channels tradition in its design, but comes complete with its own stylistic flair. Featuring a king post truss with a dramatic arched bottom chord, the Boreal is supported by posts with beams that tie-in underneath. We designed this entrance to showcase the versatility of our craftsmen, and of douglas fir as a building material. 

Horizon Entrance drawing


The Horizon

The Horizon design as an entrance, works seamlessly in a traditional or modern backdrop. By removing the braces from the Alpine design, this entryway allows for more of the ceiling to shine through. Supported by heavy timber posts and return beams, the Horizon stands tall in a gable peak. Minimalism is the highlight of this timber entrance, as the negative space forces the king post to stand out against the home’s profile.


Meridian Entrance drawing


The Meridian

The Meridian channels rustic charm and sleek minimalism in creating an entrance that can stand out amongst hard architectural lines. This entryway is intended for use in a modern setting as it relies heavily on its arched bottom chord to be the focal point in this design. The Meridian can be the perfect fit in any neo-traditional project or renovation that plans on utilizing Douglas fir timbers. 

Standard Entrance Design Features

Our standard timber frame entrance designs have been created to be easily incorporated into existing architectural designs. These entrances act as the structural support system for conventional framing above.


Each Wolf Lake timber entrance features the following:


  • #1 grade, rough sawn, free of heart centre, Douglas fir timbers

  • 8x8 timber posts (upgrades available)

  • All timbers sanded and pre-stained

  • Authentic mortise and tenon joinery

  • No visible hardware connecting timbers together

  • A set of engineered drawings

  • A detailed set of installation instructions, with all necessary hardware 



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Let’s discuss your vision. Whether it be a photograph, sketch or architectural plan, we can make it a reality while keeping it within your budget.

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We create a concept based on your vision and use 3-D model drawings to ensure everything matches your expectations. We then provide stamped, engineered shop drawings for your structure.

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The build begins in our shop where our skilled tradesmen hand cut, sand, and stain each piece of your structure to our highest standards.

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If you choose to have us install, our experienced crew will assemble your timber structure. Watch as your vision becomes a reality in as little as one day.


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